Where Do Silverfish Go In Winters

Just like any other pest, silverfish could become a huge trouble for the homeowners. You need to pay attention regarding these types of pests if they are present in your household. Although they do not bite any humans or pets, they could surely become a huge trouble. Silverfish do not carry many bacteria but they could be responsible for the damages caused to your property. They can rip off your food containing  bags as well as transmit the bacteria from outside into your house.

Silverfish are most active during the period of summer and spring. As these are the warm seasons which perfectly suits the climatic condition needs of such pests. You need to pay extra attention regarding invasion of silverfish during the warm seasons. But this fact does not conclude that they die or go away during the season of winter. Yes, surely they cannot bear the harsh winters and may die when the weather conditions are extreme. But till that condition, during the seasons of winters, they hide themselves in the dark and humid areas. So that they may keep getting some warmth and try to save their life from the extreme weather conditions.

Yes, winter kills them but they are pests who can even survive winters too. They usually come out from their hiding spot at night so that no one may notice them and due to the heaters and blowers warmth, they come out to warm themselves and also in search of some food. You can easily perform pest control during the months of summers as their activity is usually less during the winters. They usually hate the essence of  cedar oil, cloves & peppermints. There are many various types of scents and sprays present in the market to keep the pest away and pest control needed for your daily life.

You can even hire professional silverfish Control services to get rid of such pests during the summers. Pest control at home by yourself could be a bit tricky and complex for the homeowners who have no experience in this field. By hiring professional Pest Control services, you are opening an opportunity of achieving best and effective results as they are professionally trained In this field and are generally known with the best and expert methods for the Pest Control. Even if you perform Home Pest Control, you can achieve effective results but then you need to follow the best and professional steps so that you do not end up creating a mess.


In this article, we have mentioned the reasons why silverfish go ways during the winters. This article was a proper guide regarding the activities of silverfish during winters. You need to pay extra attention during the summer and warm months to make sure that you are free from the damages caused by the silverfish to you and your health. Hiring the best pest control services is the best way to get rid of such pests.